Exceeding Expectations - we offer "Help at a push of a button"

Emergency & Medical Assistance (E.M.A.) has been serving & helping clients in Namibia every day. Our Emergency Control Centre is made up of highly skilled medical professionals who deeply value your health and wellbeing. We take great pride in providing our community with high quality, Emergency Assistance and health services.

What is the E.M.A. System?

E.M.A is an effective and affordable service for everybody. E.M.A. assists with a 24/7 service for:

•Medical Converge

•Personal Protection

•Traveling Assistance

•Protection of Life and Property

For whom was E.M.A. designed?

The E.M.A. System always gives you a sense of security. This security is there for you at home, when you shop, when you travel or at any place. We ensure that you are connected to our qualified staff at the touch of a button!

The E.M.A. System is suitable for:

• Elderly people

• Single people of all ages

• Temporary & long term illness patients

• Companies that do a lot of traveling

• Families who want to ensure their loved ones have additional protection

How does the E.M.A System work?

When our transmitter is triggered, the sender gets connected to our Emergency Control Centre automatically via the mobile network. The connection is immediate and your personal details on the system will give all the important information to our service operator.

Which possibilities are with the E.M.A. System?

Our service processed many ways to meet your specific liking and requirements. Therefor we are happy to take the time for a free, no obligation consultation. We personally advise you at your home, via our service centres or via telephone. 

Do not hesitate to ask us how the E.M.A. System can make your life easier.


Emergency & Medical Assistance

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